Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's Been A While

I know I have been neglecting my place here, but my recent writing jobs have been so time-consuming! I have also just completed my exams, and I know that is not a valid excuse for ignoring you guys, but I'll make it up to you.

I make having writer applications open. Sign up in the comments below.

First Name:
Why You Like Writing:
Experience, if any:


  1. Username: Mandylou4

    First Name: Mandy

    Why You Like Writing: It gives me a place to express myself. Stardoll and I have a love/hate relationship, and I love giving my opinion and seeing what other people have to say.

    Experience, if any: I currently write for Inbetween Stardoll but have also written for Beg For More.

  2. Username:candycoolgal19
    First Name:Beryl
    Why You Like Writing: When I write,it is a place for me to show my creativity. I can express myself and others can see who I truly am.
    Experience, if any:Yes, I write fore 13 blogs.

  3. Lovedog28
    I can express myself and inspire others