Thursday, March 29, 2012

Miss Sixty

 Miss Sixty was the best place to get edgy, bright clothes and we've been waiting for a new collection, or at least I have. I made a few outfits to suit the theme.

 I think the collection is awesome, and bold enough for Spring. Stardoll has started making hats with wigs attached and I love them. It takes the hassle out of making Stardesign wigs, and they still look fabulous!

 professional lace

I love this cream keyhole blouse, and blazers. Blue is a hot colour right now, as seen by the blue jeans I recently purchased. Lace is rather passe, but still hot enough to garner attention. A Birkin bag slash messenger bag is the perfect professional bag to go with it.

 denim jumpsuit

Miss Sixty is famous for their denim and jumpsuits. Combine the two and you have got a fierce Miss Sixty look. Satchels are hot in all the stores I have been in lately, and denim is a rare style, but just as cute.

 floral wedding

It is rare for Miss Sixty to have these kind of style dresses, but they have shown they can do all styles. A Chanel style gold purse and cream pumps are gorgeous for a guest at a garden wedding. Now, lets see. What should the bride wear?

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