Saturday, March 31, 2012

More Updates

 Earth Hour will be here in about two days and its time to start planning a recycling layout for your home.
As with the custom, Stardoll has released a cheaper pass to Superstardom. They also released some animated Easter eggs and I think although they won't be bought by everyone, these eggs are amazing! The animations are awesome, and even better? Some of the eggs come in Starcoins! 

Another great update? You can record the stuff you want on a Wishlist now. Just click the purple heart beside the price and it saves it automatically. The down side? You can only have two pages of items you want, meaning 18 things. I don't know about you, but I definitely want more than that! And I'm going to get it. ;)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Miss Sixty

 Miss Sixty was the best place to get edgy, bright clothes and we've been waiting for a new collection, or at least I have. I made a few outfits to suit the theme.

 I think the collection is awesome, and bold enough for Spring. Stardoll has started making hats with wigs attached and I love them. It takes the hassle out of making Stardesign wigs, and they still look fabulous!

 professional lace

I love this cream keyhole blouse, and blazers. Blue is a hot colour right now, as seen by the blue jeans I recently purchased. Lace is rather passe, but still hot enough to garner attention. A Birkin bag slash messenger bag is the perfect professional bag to go with it.

 denim jumpsuit

Miss Sixty is famous for their denim and jumpsuits. Combine the two and you have got a fierce Miss Sixty look. Satchels are hot in all the stores I have been in lately, and denim is a rare style, but just as cute.

 floral wedding

It is rare for Miss Sixty to have these kind of style dresses, but they have shown they can do all styles. A Chanel style gold purse and cream pumps are gorgeous for a guest at a garden wedding. Now, lets see. What should the bride wear?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This is a much easier way to fix pesky makeup problems. It allows you to remove certain makeup like individual eyeliner and mascara mishaps. No more starting over!
I especially love the black lace eyemask.
Sunny Bunny is having a closing sale so stock up on cutesy Asian accessories! I know I did.
Spring is all about brights and bolds. I think they overdid it because in reality nobody would wear these with a straight face but I think they could work with a bright skirt and top.

I made an outfit that will go perfectly with it and I am proud to unveil lace floral appliques and clean whites. I made a makeup look to go with it as well.

Its not too expensive either, so hit up Starplaza!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trend: Spring Pastels

 preppy pastels

I love the lace floral appliques and the pink tweed skirt combination. Green sets a bold background, especially with this Birkin-esque bag. A lemon yellow belt and strappy heels suit it as well. This is a Blair Waldorf outfit, right down to the Louboutins.

 photographic print tops

This print covered flowing outfit is very summery and bright. I love sleeveless tops right now, and this mid-thigh pleated skirt with zippered pockets is very rock and roll. I love the gemstone covered hot pink heels and the yellow skirt sets off the tan.

 preppy polo collar peplums

Peplums are very hot right now and a peplum skirt in pale blue pastels. Throw in some Ralph Lauren polos and dusty pink tops with Yale navy collars. This lemon yellow belt seems to be quite the hit, and it fits the transition between blue and pink. Matching pink heels with embedded jewels completely match the shirt.

 florals and appliques

I love this pink skirt and something girly would match it completely. A floral top with green and yellow flowers seems to suit it as well. A gold bamboo clutch has the best appliques that match the yellow of the open-toed shoes.

sparkles, lace, and blazers

I love coral and blazers, and combining the two makes it a juicy mix. Lace has been white hot ever since Kate Middleton strutted down the church aisle in a lacy gown. The skirt looks rather snakeskin patterned, but I love gold sequins make it even better. I think gold shoes and sequined purses add some much needed glitter and glamour to the outfit.

Find your perfect fit, and strut your spring pastel best!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

LE & Mr.

The LE collection this season is rather revealing, and I don't particularly think it is worth it. I especially dislike the fact that the LE is not really limited at all. There are on average 17500 copies of each item, so with that one cannot help but wonder what value they are getting out of it. So, in my opinion this collection may be better in graphics and overall theme but not in value.

Half these clothes are already out and the new ones are pretty fine. Although I don't know much about male clothing, I think that the price is fine and the value is pretty good.

Eco Design Decor

I love the whole collection, and the best piece? The bed, of course. Some of the pieces are rather cheesy with all the peace signs though, and I wish they had more furniture. Hopefully they will release more, and maybe even collaborate with the plant store. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Writers Applications

 That's right, I am holding writers applications! Deadline will be the 23. Good luck!
Writers Applications:
How Many Days Per Week Can You Write:
Preferred Topic:
Sample of Work: (please include link to a post or google document)
Why Do You Want To Write For Us:
What Can You Offer To This Blog:

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Archive & Epiphany

 I personally think Archive is a great place to find one-of-a-clothes if you aren't willing to shell out the cash for clothes in Starbazaar. I made some outfits to help you along.
 This is a casual office look, with a 40's vibe. The cinched blazer also helps.
 I loved this corset and knew I had to find some kind of poufy skirt to go with it. The skirt is actually a dress.
 The velvety material is great and the graphics are excellent. I think some glitzy accessories can glam it up.

 This Elizabeth Taylor collection is gorgeous, with decadent baubles and gold dripping off it. I suggest wearing it with black and white dresses or solid colour. Elizabeth Taylor was known for being a seductress of the highest class, and these jewels do her icon justice.
 For some clothes to match the jewelry, go on Facebook to get access to her exclusive collection.