Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Basics & Doree & Velvet Orchid

 The pieces are somewhat altered and smoothed. They are not as cheap looking and the prices have been raised about 5 to 10 Starcoins.

I like the name of the store, and the clothes seem to be themed like Evil Panda and Rio. I like the fresh spring look of the hair collection and I'm looking forward to it!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Femme Reveals Spoiler

This seductive and eye-catching spoiler was revealed today for Femme. I find it very interesting and talented because most graphics have the face facing the viewer. I cannot wait for the next issue!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

March Hot Buys

necklace: This skull necklace is very interesting but not my taste. I have a feeling some will use it for layering techniques.
white top: The bib collar is very cute and the Peter Pan collar is in style.
skirt: This is not at all what I would have chosen to go with the outfit. It is an odd purple colour and not flattering.
bandage dress: We have been in need of a sheer dress for quite a while, and this fits the bill. 
jacket: I do not like the kid like sleeves. I can find a dozen leather jackets way better than this. While I like the idea of mixing colour with leather. The jacket just looks too kid-like for me to take it seriously.
pink and yellow dress: This dress feels Western inspired, and it looks cute enough for a casual event. 
crop top: I love the lace detail down the front, its the perfect mix of gothic romance.
paint splatter jeans: I hate distressed denim, but sometimes we need a pair. I wish they had been skinny jeans though.
boots: I hate cowboy boots like this, but I love brown leather. These would be good for a Jessie costume.

Stardoll's Appearance Makeover

The blog Stardoll's Appearance has boasted 
this banner for a very long time.

Now that it is the time for a makeover, they also wish to clean up the media partners. Apply to be a media partner if you have 100 followers or more on your blog. The blog makeover takes place March 2. There will also be a temporary shutdown from the 29 to the 2. Can't wait!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


While browsing through suites and offering my compliments to talented MeDolls, I saw something that jerked my memory.

This is the doll mileykent.

No H8's mission statement is "The NOH8 Campaign is a charitable organization whose mission is to promote marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media, and visual protest."

We did see a small campaign for this on Stardoll, I believe, but unfortunately it washed over in people's memories immediately after it left. Seeing Jennifer with this tape over her doll's lips reminded me of NOH8 and their goal. 

Hopefully it reminded you as well.

Friday, February 17, 2012

New Fashion Decor

 There definitely weren't as many new things as I expected, but it still has some great pieces. For budding fashionistas, the table and chair in the right hand side are perfect for a boudoir room.
The flower hangings are somewhat cool but not necessary, so I am having trouble grasping the obvious dullness of this new collection.

Give me a moment to catch my breath. I was trying to run as fast away as possible from this picture.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stardoll Secrecy Closing Interview

The good bye was brief and had no tears. The blog, Stardoll Secrecy had promising writers but seemed to be waning slowly. The writers were paying less attention to the blog and Jennifer, the owner found a new goal: She would make a new blog with her friend. Read ahead for the interview.
After seeing that shocking post about Jennifer deciding to close her blog, I was quick to request a small interview. I was curious about her abrupt decision and I asked questions that left wide answers, hoping to get details. Enjoy!

1. So what is your story of how you came into the blogging world?
I stumbled across BBS (bigbrotherstardoll) last year in about June and immediately fell in love with it.
A few months later I found out that they were hiring and signed up, I got the job and was so excited!

2. What blogs inspired you?
Back then, Underneath Stardoll, BBS & Tylers Top Trends. I have lots more now.

3. Some say the signs of a real rider is when they first fall off the horse. Have you ever had any haters or ill-wishers?
Yes, only quite recently.

4. How did you deal with them?
Well I just told them that you can't change who I am and to leave.. I'm not really good at comebacks.

5. Have they a hand in your sudden decision to close the blog?

6. If not, then why?
Just the lack of interest, it wasn't well thought out and just a practice blog for me.

7. Would you consider having it auctioned off?
Yes, it isn't closed yet so I might just pass it on or sell it.

8. Did you, like so many others, decide homework, real life and school was getting too involved with Stardoll?
No, I just started highschool so I have lots of time to balance homework and stardoll.

9. Does this blog closure signal the departure of your Doll from Stardoll as well?
No, I just think I need something different.

10. Are you looking to make a bigger blog?

11. What can we look forward to from you in the future?
I actually have a blog that's just come out! Me and my freind Jill (Kellyhi) own it but we are just waiting for graphics. jenandjillsfashioninstitute.blogspot.com (:

Stardoll Fashion Updates

 Looking for some cheery, spring clothes? Try Fudge, with their new sale.
 jumping through hoops

This Hotbuys top is the statement and I played on the playful holes in the shirt with the rough leather jacket. The studded motorcycle boots with the hoop earrings shows a little NeNe oomph.

 It all looks very cluttered and I can't tell what decade the style is supposed to represent. Some of the pieces are interesting but can only be worn a certain way, thus limiting the wear.

 naughty schoolgirl
With the fitted blazer and applique skirt, it all screams chic schoolgirl. The saddle shoe heels are a little of a different era but nonetheless still fit. The pearl headband adds some class to the rather short skirt.
 golden bird
This time the pearl headband adds a royal elegance to this innocent and whimsical golden dress. White saddle shoes complete the look to a 10.
 Stardoll has updated our StarDesign rooms, to match with the Jewelry room. I personally find it cleaner and easier to read, but the wall colours all clash and draw from the actual designs.

 This was released to commemorate the Super Bowl. It looks very Nicki Minaj meets Gladiator to me.
 And finally, Archive was released!

 spanish rose
The floral pattern of this skirt coordinates beautifully with the shoes. The blouse is a little revealing and provocative, which matches the thigh high shoes perfectly.
 mild summer nights
This dress looks like something one would wear to a summer evening party in the garden. Of course, it would be just a little chilly, so a cropped patterned blazer is needed. Pastel heels would complement the dress with summery sorbet shades, and the belt adds some fun.
carnival clown
A Balenciaga inspired blazer would have to be here somehow. A simple white shift with a draped bodice adds simplicity keeping the attention on the blazer, and matching heels keep it bright.

constellation stars
With this graphic top and layered skirt, this whole outfit is playful and fun. Cut out heels are gladiator enough to provide the toughness for it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the beauty department update

I have figured it out! I will turn my blog the beauty department into a blog for Stardoll makeup tutorials as well, so as to keep the blog rolling. 

Tell me what you think!

Stardoll's Vogue Shut Down?

Hopefully this one won't leave like Stardoll Secrecy. That would mean the demise of lots of up-and-coming Stardoll blogs and we could use the new writers with fresh imaginations.

Cross your fingers or offer your wishes to the owner so as to convince her to keep the blog going!

Stardoll Updates

 Ooh la la!
 But as always, looks aren't what they appear to be. The quality of this really sucks. The staff probably rushed to finish it and send out the links.
 I loved this first collection of Fashion so I am definitely looking forward to this one. It looks very runway inspired and classy.
And this collection? The description says "timeless and stylish" but it sure doesn't look that way. Since when were daisy dukes stylish? Or neon magenta timeless? The only semi-passable item is the blazer but even shoulder pads are too '80's.

Take my advice: leave the Decades collection, and ignore the garish Romeo & Juliet decor. The only classy item to look out for is Fashion! Coming Friday!

BBS Introduces New Writers

See more here!

Monday, February 13, 2012

TTT -FW Is Coming

If you, like me, saw the Antagonist's post about SFW and freaked out about it, fear not.
 This reassuring post was on Today's Top Trends.

Along with....*drumroll*
I am certainly looking forward to seeing the StarDesign collections because those would be harder to make given the limited designs. Thus, it will be the more fascinating, although I do want to see Femme Magazine dearly. And what could this finale surprise be? A newbie? Or a experienced, worldly veteran of SFW? Guess we have to wait until the 19!

Now that we now the exact dates, I think it goes without saying that we need some haute outfits to wear to the runway. See you in the front row!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Anonymous Blogs Aren't The Only Thing Rolling Around

Anonymous blogs are the only thing to be found nowadays. Mysterious users proclaim to all-seeing knowledge and spam my guestbook constantly.

 I chose to check out the above, and got a whole lot of nothing.

Eh. The usual fortune telling mystic thing. Not that interesting although it was amusing to see someone who claimed to be truthful and honest among all the liars.

I researched the second comment, whose username was anonymousisme.
 Not only is the grammar questionable, the MeDoll is based on elite outfits, with tattoos stolen from Aislin and glasses stolen from Dei. Does this person have no originality?
 What an informative presentation!
 Until I looked here...
 Oh. Yippee. Way to tell us what you look like. What interested me was the similarity between this suite and anonymousisme's suite. Black, plain and boring.
 Physco seems to use excessive smileys, to note her exterior expression I suppose. And she must have spent time making that Joker-esque smile in StarDesign!
But otherwise? A complete waste of time. Whoever made this accounts sure put tons of effort into them.


But for posterity I checked the country of Physco and anonymousisme.

 Great Britain? Hold-the-phone-I've-seen-that-before!

Coincidence? Our clues:

  • female
  • lives in Great Britain
Not much to go on of course, but still! I was overcome with excitement. Discovering one identity was enough to elate me.

But alas, I had to double check my research. And found another TheObserver account.

So, he/she already has an account to dig around in. Shucks, I thought I was on to something. Oh well! Better luck next time.