Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another Day, A New Year...

2011 was full of the craziest, most unexpected things that made it wild, annoying, heartbreaking, tearjerking, and lets admit it, interesting. 

Yes, crazy things happened, like Japan, Haiti, Lady Gaga outfits, Rebecca Black (God forbid I say her name), Steve Jobs (RIP), iPhone 5, iPad 2, Adele, the Royal Wedding, Netflix, Charlie Sheen, Pippa Middleton, the Kardashians, Osama Bin Laden, and whether or not the movie 2012 is true.

I think we can spend a good hour or so discussing the 2012 movie, and its merits, but lets for now, sit back, and enjoy our final moments of 2011.

If you're graduating this year from college, university, high school, or preschool.

If you're getting an internship at the company you hope to take over one day, or if you've taken it over and are now sitting in your brand-spanking-new office.

If you're ending the year single and more than ready to mingle, or if you're dating the person of your dreams.

We're all more alike than we may think.

We've all had to deal with messed up parents, crazy exes, broken hearts, wild roommates,  bad grades, and those little details that make life interesting.

So raise your champagne, and count down with me...

Makeover Coming Soon!

There's a massive makeover coming soon to the blog, and while I'm waiting for the graphics designer to finish, I'll give you a hint for the theme.

"A girl can't go anywhere without her lipstick..."

JazzyPants381 Party

When: Jan 1, 7pm PST
Where: The Ballroom
Dress Code: Coming soon...

Privilege Invite

Friday, December 30, 2011

Jack Investigates The Hacking Of PSG

Jack offered this take on the hacking of PSG with his notebook scrawled with ideas.

I completely agree with this because what gain does Dan get from deleting the posts from his own blog!? He didn't do it.
I don't understand the comments, and I believe Dei wouldn't do it for a few reasons. A: She has nothing to gain from it. B: She's never been dishonest, lied, or done anything remotely criminal.

If he says he had no Internet then I believe him. Also, he's not an administrator.
Vanessa is famous for her kindness, so I highly doubt she hacked it.
I hate pointing fingers, so I am going to stick with Sakutaro's theory that Blogger had a hiccup, and deleted everything. Blame it on Blogger, people!

what everyone said...

New Glam'R'Us

Finally some tasteful jewelry!

The earrings are gorgeous, statement jewelry just in time to spice up our New Year's Eve LBD.

The prices are decent too, so start buying!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Looking For A Party?

UPDATE: Due to many people complaining that they don't want to attend a Stardoll party on New Year's, I have moved the date to Jan. 1. Be grateful, it might not happen again. You know who you are.

Looking for a party? Look no further.

The grand opening of Privilege club is Jan. 1st, 7pm PST and you're already on the guest list.

When: Jan. 1, 7pm PST
Where: The NightClub of Privilege
What: Bring friends, loved ones, family, mistresses, and anyone else.
Why: Because you are Stardolls finest!
Dress Code: Anything sparkly and glittery does the trick.

People not following the rules stated below will be evicted from the premises and not allowed to return for 30 days.

  • no lewd or coarse language or conversation
  • no posting links to images or chats 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best Look Of OSD Awards 2011

I love the opera look of the outfit.

hair: A little plain, but with some sparkly accessories, perhaps embedded in the rose it could be better.
fur stole: Elaborate and extravagant, I love it.
necklace: A cheap shade of blue, but elegant and resembles the Heart of The Ocean in Titanic.
dress: Draped so beautifully, the whole classic look is very elegant.
gloves and ring: I love those gloves, where did she get them?!
purse: Here is the part where I must shake my head. The purse is a barely noticeable charcoal gray, and not stylish at all. It would be better if it had some sparkle and glitter!
shoes: nonexistent.

overall? 9.8/10
Why? The clutch and necklace! If it had more glitter and sparkle it would be a solid 10!

New StarDesign LayOut

Now if they could only fix the Search section...

New Voile Floor Appears

Stardoll put this up a little late...

Strippers Make Waves In The OC

Not the OC you're thinking of honey. That TV show has long ago died a slow death.

No, its OriginalClub, back with another stripper on board. Or is it two strippers? With all the tearing off of clothes, its hard to keep track.

Check out the image of the incident here.

Otherwise, for your own sanity, don't.

Stardoll's Lost Its Glitter

A new stalker has hit Stardoll...
 But they don't have time anymore to cause drama. Stardoll apparently doesn't have the mojo to keep new members anymore.

 the responses...

Ignoring the hilarious comments, I think its sad how at the slightest breath of new life from a mysterious account promising drama, drama and more drama, they leave. They leave after 6 days because Stardoll just doesn't cut it for them.

I'm Back & New PopShop

I'm back from a relaxing holiday vacation and am ready to tackle the new year with you.

We need some new clothes to be armed for the new year, and some new furniture.

Therefore, I welcome... *drumroll*

 Ring in the new year surrounded by fabulous furniture and hand made couture. The chandelier is perfection, a work of art. It looks like lace. I am in love with the champagne box, inspired by a waiters tux.
 The shoe box is hilarious, and stylish, with Louboutins on top. Other than that, the other pieces are mediocre.

Enjoy the New Year's Eve party with your friends!