Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chanel Tribute

starting left to right: I love the faux fur maroon coat. Fur in rich, classy shades is great, and shows off a sophisticated side. The shoes are rather odd. The belt is great, and the red purse could be better quality. The sheer vest skirt combo is really freaking me out. Its not real Chanel couture. The black babydoll dress is gorgeous, and flirty. The collar is rather strange. The silver dress has a post-Elizabethan quality to it. The collar is very English. The saddle shoes? Very post-post Elizabethan. The sheer black and white dress is my favourite dress of the whole collection. The golden cuffs suit it well. The green blazer is awesome, very boarding school in Switzerland. The trousers? Not so much...
The whole first two outfits on the left are giving me a headache. Chanel was classier than this! The black blouse with the scarf is more like it. The fringed skirt is a little risky, but it works. The fourth outfit from the left is amazing. A skirt would be nice though. The black dress is not Chanel quality. Its lumpy and paired with those awful sneaker like shoes? Not genuine Chanel, not in a million years. The last outfit is okay. 

I made some outfits using the Chanel clothes.

Stardoll Realized Our Confusion

For once, Stardoll appears to be listening to us, and hearing our suffering.

Some of us didn't understand the whole Stardollars for everyone and they sent this to us.

I didn't know it, but its true!

Non-Superstars can now publish movies.

They seem to be leaving out the key point: To do all of the above features, one still needs Stardollars. To get Stardollars, one needs to pay real money.

You can never win with Stardoll, can you?

Noelle Deleted

It seems one of the most creative forces on Stardoll is missing.

Shock is probably immediately coursing through your veins.

Dei offered some possibilities.

I think its from the accounts inactivity, but then I remembered that some users are famous because they haven't logged in for four years and Stardoll doesn't delete them.

what everyone said...

Hopefully its all just because she was inactive and didn't log in for a long time.

For those wondering what story it is about her being dead, prepare to have your silk socks blown off.

the story (according to some anonymous account)

 As you can imagine this caused chaos among Stardollians.

Here, it is obvious that although this so-called eliteprotect has no proof for after this guestbook comment, no new proof has been made other than her word.

Their presentation went something like this.

So what can it be?

Why was Noelle deleted?

Will she come back with a new account? And will we find out who eliteprotect is?

I'll get to the bottom of this, and you'll be the first to know.

xoxo, Fiorama

December Hot Buys

The December Hot Buys are released!

 Some furniture added to the mix.

black shrug: Its a cute way to add glam to a plain dress. 
cocktail hat: It looks like a piece of candy with a veil attached, but thats close up. Otherwise, its great for little parties.
skirt: I personally think its too plain and not good enough quality to be a Hot Buys.
fishbowl: I love pets, and goldfish commonly aren't considered to be pets, but who's looking? I love fish!
cage lantern: I am looking forward to seeing how people interpret this...
candy cane heels: Nice of them to not show us what they are! I love stripes right now, and candy cane striped heels fit the bill.
lcd screen: While I don't see the difference between the LCD screen and a plain screen, I want to know what the price will be.
geometric head: Its probably going to be overpriced, as usual.

I guess Stardoll can't think of any more clothes, so they made furniture instead.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

History In the Making

 We've all been complaining about how unfair it is with the whole Stardollars for Superstars rule.

We've all discussed it and analyzed it at least once.

Well, guess what?

I am shocked too, but as always, there's a catch.

You have to still use real money to buy Stardollars.

Stardoll always has a way of bursting our bubble, don't they?

I also found this hilarious imaginary conversation between the boss of Stardoll and some hapless employees.

So far the only features left for Superstars alone are:

Monday, November 28, 2011

Snapshot: jeimy89

 MeDoll: Nude clothes always shock the crowd. Paired with a bustier, impossibly high stilettos, and a nude clutch, its perfection. My complaints: I want a sparkly clutch. Now. Also, the makeup is a disaster. Something a little more glittery would have reflected the skirt. 4/5
 Suite: Calming neutral colours soothe my frazzled nerves after that horrendous outfit. The beach view is particularly nice. 5/5
 Album: Again, neutral colours and wood frames. The little photo is nice, with an introduction style. She also went over a glitch and somehow included bullet points. Nice. 5/5
Scenery: While I don't see the point of it, the overall appearance is nice. Red lipstick would have been better, paired with a black and white geometric style dress that I believe can be found in Decades. It would be much better than this. 3/5

Holiday Polished & 50% Off

In short, Stardoll wants us to top off our account with real money for virtual Starcoins, and then spend it on virtual nail polish that will go out of style once the Christmas season is done.

Just double checking.

Messed Up Skirt/Shirt

 I love it when Stardoll messes up. But sometimes, its a real pain.

Here, they display a bow shirt, and it looks adorable in theory, but in person? Awkward and lumpy.

But thats not the least of our problems.

Here, the label says clearly "skirt". So why is it being displayed as a shirt?

Whats more, it can pass for both. I think its a great investment (two for one deal!) but I cannot rest until I find out what on earth it actually is!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

He's Not His Doll

Today, a writer for MDM posted this.

While I'm shocked at this revelation, its all in a good way. Everything about his doll seemed feminine, so its very surprising.

However, I support him, and congratulate his decision.

I'm glad nobody teased him.

Viva la MDM!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Stardoll Resurrects Hot Buys Leather Jacket

If you've been lusting over a certain leather jacket released as a Hot Buys last year, you're in luck!

Stardoll has resurrected it as a StarDesign item.

 Its the black fur trimmed jacket.
 Here is the same jacket is StarDesign for 14 Stardollars.
Its the exact same!

Either Stardoll is having a creative crisis, or they made a huge glitch.

Methinks the latter.

Another One Leaves

How many left so far? Soon, we'll honestly have no more people to keep us trucking forward.

Sigh. We'll always have Reece's alter account!

God knows he'll be causing drama.

16 Days

Stardoll introduced this new campaign. I like the whole empowering women thing going on.

As you can see, there are various contests and quizzes available. I think its awesome that Stardoll is promoting this.

Probably because so many girls log on.