Monday, October 31, 2011

Worst Halloween For Me Ever

Well, let's just say this is the worst Halloween I have ever had. Not in Stardoll. In real life.

I invited all my closest friends to a Halloween party at my house, and got warm responses filled with exclamation points and heartfelt messages.

Little did I know that a girl who hates me for some unknown reason invited the exact same people to her own party. And, oh , she "forgot" to invite me.

All my friends were torn between me or her.

At lunch was a crazy debate. She ended up drawing the line to my friends.

They had better go to her party, or they wouldn't be friends anymore, she said.

I felt alone.

I didn't want to be a b**** who makes her friends choose, so I said that it was fine.

I'll invite other people. And I did, in exactly 3 hours, there is going to be one great party at my place.

It just won't be the same as if my closest friends were there.

I cried myself to sleep last night, thinking that all my friends hated me and chose her over me.

When I asked them today, they all were shocked. They wanted me at the party, they said. Its just that she (the mean girl) would get so mad and scary. Its true, I've seen her get mad.

So, I slapped myself inwardly, squeezed my tears and told myself "Its just Halloween. Why am I making a big deal?"

Then I remembered: I felt as though my friends had not just left me out of Halloween plans, but out of everything.

I was alone.

Now I am going to have to get ready for a party at my house, and I need your support, whoever you are.

I just need someone to remind me that I can still be friends with the people I love, and not worry about a backstabbing b****.

Wish me luck. Tomorrow at school will. Be. Hell.

xoxo, a person in need of some new friends

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snapshot: Chelsea-Lena

 MeDoll: This is an amazing outfit, using a vintage dress and matching shoes and handbag. I've been meaning to buy these shoes and purse since they came out, but had nothing to wear them with. 5/5
 Suite: A gorgeous, queen-like bedchamber, worthy of the finest. A princess bed in a Manhattan loft? Yes, it is. 5/5
 Album: A nice introduction, which many Stardollians tend to skip in their own. A little messy but 4.5/5
Scenery: An ad campaign, I like how it appears as if she's flying. Killah pants are a must, they're fabulous. 5/5

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snapshot: Juankisjuankis

MeDoll: I love practically everything about this outfit. The tights are spot-on for the upcoming spring floral trend. I don't like the shoes. Gold would've been better, to match the trophy and hair. 4.5/5
Suite: She obviously designed her suite using only LE. I see the famed LE elevator, TV, and bookshelf. Its an ultra-modern take on neo-tech. 5/5
Album: The moderness stops at her suite. The album is a typical design for Stardollians. Not much imagination here...3/5
Scenery: Two flags + One background = 0/5

Friday, October 28, 2011

Snapshot: cattyhome

 MeDoll: A vintage Voile dress paired with a gilt headband. 3/5
 Suite: Gorgeous, a veranda overlooking a sunlit field. Maybe a little more work on cleaning up the shelves. 5/5
 Album: I like most of these outfits, but try to make the album itself more appealing to read. 3/5
Scenery: The outfits are too plain and whats going on with the drum set? 2/5

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Interview With Miss Stardoll World 2011 Winner

An exclusive interview with ceren.gk, the winner of MSW 2011:

Keep posted for more interviews coming soon from the runner-up and third place winner!

Snapshot: Alicejkl

 MeDoll: An interesting choice, with the sneakers...A little punk-rock, so I'll say 4/5 for the punkiness, but its not my cup of tea.

Suite: Wow, the minimalist wave is really heating up! I love the carpet, and the chair, but the designs leave me a little creeped out. 4/5

 Album: Well...not much to say about it. 3/5
Scenery: A nice summer day, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, her clothes are fierce...5/5

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Styled Outfits: Halloween Outfit

Still trying to find a Halloween outfit?

Worry no more!

 An angelic beauty hiding some secrets...

Shopping List

Killah New Collection & Top-Up

Killah's new collection is coming next week! Prepare yourself for more awesome brights and bolds.

Also, the next top-up date is soon arriving on Friday.

Snapshot: nazuri

 MeDoll: Love the whole hardware look. The beret seems out of place, too feminine for this look. Maybe with some studded ankle boots, it would be better. 4/5
 Suite: Obviously a room dedicated to her favourite clothes, so I'll give her a 5/5
 Album: A list of best friends, a MeDoll...its okay. 3/5

Scenery: While I can't read the title, the array of icy blues is wonderful enough. Looks like party for the best! 5/5

Styled Outfits: Miss Sixty Casual

Using only the new Miss Sixty Collection, I made an outfit that hits the spot of casual chic.

Shopping List:


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Styled Outfit: Killah For Less

Snatch up this adorable outfit while you can.

Shopping List:

Killah Bubblegum Blazer- 18 StarDollars
Killah Noir Bustier Top- 8 StarDollars
Killah Pattern Skirt- 12 StarDollars
Killah Golden Bands Sandals- 5 StarDollars
Miss Sixty Pleather Purse- 18 StarDollars

This is the perfect outfit for summer, to save until next year and bust out vintage Killah while everyone's tripping all over themselves trying to copy you.

LE Interior Selling Out Slowly

While the contents of the LE Interior are certainly better than the LE clothes, they still aren't selling out as fast as I thought.

A little too pricey?

Must've Missed The Memo...

I must have missed the memo that Jack was considering leaving Stardoll.

Does anyone else know when he decided this?

Stardoll Reacts: Aislin and Jack

what does aislin say?

Aislin Victory added her own comments to the whole misunderstanding of Kasia and Dei. 

She's right, its rather a one-sided post by Jack, and he seemed to be sucking up to Kasia completely.

While I blame neither Kasia or Dei, Jack really needs to keep his nose out of the way.

Aislin adds her opinion of both girls:

I find it ironic and funny that Jack lectures Dei and tells her what to do when he is really the mean one. He has insulted many Stardolls, just for entertainment, but it hurts just the same.

Aislin goes on to explain the story.
She concluded:

what did everyone else say?

Of course, its not complete without some Jack Insight.
so whats jack's side of the story anyways?

Wait 'til you see the title of Jack's latest post on PSG.
However, thats as far as he apologizes, for later he lectures us for reading his own freaking posts!

 And he has to go and insult Aislin as well...

what did everyone say to jack?

 Called that!
 Oh this is one of my favourite comments essay. Its hits the point on the head. Jack shouldn't accuse us of being gossip starved animals when he's the flipping author of the post that began this whole thing! And how did he start that post? Like this:

Thats what he said. If you are a self-proclaimed stalker, you need help.
 Got to love this post! Megan says it like it is.
 Aislin shoots back with a better comeback than Jack's.
 Jack started the post with "My Apologies." and ended it by telling us how idiotic we were. Thanks...
 An Anonymous speaks up!
 Dei always knows what to say.
 Um, yeah Jack. Whatever you say. If you call "intelligence" being whatever actually exists in that pea-size brain of yours, then yeah.

does anyone actually like jack?

 Apparently someone does like Jack. Well well. Look who made a second account.

and then we have to end with a bang...

Dan brought up a good point. 
Could Jack's constant meaness and bickering lead to him being fired from PSG?

Fingers crossed!