Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fashion Don’t: Diamond Encrusted Contact Lenses

 Finally, a gift for the nearsighted It Girl who has everything! An optometrist in India has answered the question no one asked and created gold-plated, diamond-encrusted contact lenses, for a mere $16,000. He claims the pricey vision correctors are totally safe and that soon men will start proposing with his contact lenses instead of diamond rings. Sorry Doc, but I’d rather slip something on my finger than poke it into my eye…XOXO

Ashley Tisdale Becomes a Milkmaid

Forget martinis and mimosas. Ashley Tisdale’s drink of choice is good old fashioned milk. The Hellcats star unveiled her new Got Milk? campaign and of course, looked flawless in the process. Take a look at Ash’s simply stunning Black Halo dress and tell me if she’s easily outpacing her BFF Vanessa Hudgens in the fashion department?

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words: 90210's Strange New Season

Beverly Hills babe AnnaLynne McCord can pull off almost any look…key word being almost. I spotted ALM tarted up as a magician’s assistant during a scene for 90210‘s new season with co-star Josh Zuckerman, and once the director yelled cut, let’s hope our dear AnnaLynne made this gaudy, bawdy look disappear!

Coming Soon: Jingle Bell Bieber

Just call him Bieber Claus. Justin let the cat out of the Christmas stocking and confirmed on Twitter that he is indeed working on a holiday album, with all proceeds going to charity. What chilly weather tunes do you hope JB includes on his new festive record?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Glee Gossip: Blaine’s Big Move

Listen up, Gleeks. I hear that your favorite Warbler is ditching Dalton Academy and heading to McKinley High. One of my faithful spies spotted Blainesans Dalton uniform–strolling with Kurt, Rachel and the crew? around WMHS and says that a full-time spot on New Directions is just around the corner. Would you be thrilled to see Blaine join

Hot or Not: LeAnn Rimes

It seems that country singer LeAnn Rimes is becoming more famous for her frail figure than her stellar vocals. The newlywed celebrated her 29th birthday in a bevy of skimpy bikinis on the beach in Malibu, but has LR gone a little overboard with the waif look? Demi Lovato proved that you no longer need to be pin-thin to blow your competition out of the water, so do you think LeAnn should follow D’s lead and add a little substance to her silhouette?

Fashion Don’t: Sammi Sweetheart Lashes Out

Prepare to be shocked: Someone from Jersey Shore committed a major red carpet sin. Sammi Sweetheart is certainly no stranger to hair extensions of all kind, but she turned up at the VMAs with a rebellious faux lash. Tsk tsk, Sammi; too bad your lashes aren’t as clingy as Ron…

Emma Roberts’ New BFF? Sarah Lawrence

Most coeds dream of swapping their sweatpants and textbooks for a closet full of couture and date night with a TV star…but Emma Roberts is doing the opposite. I hear the Scream 4 starlet is heading off to Sarah Lawrence college in Bronxville, NY starting September 5 to study English lit. Can you picture Em and Chord Overstreet on a date in the dining hall?

Scene & Heard: Taylor Lautner’s Sizzling Scene

“There is an intense steamy scene. Not quite [naked], but it does get steamy.”–Taylor Lautner spills some oh-so-dirty details on his upcoming thriller Abduction, co-starring real-life girlfriend Lily Collins. Oh Taylor, you’re the only man who can make kidnapping so very sexy…

Hot Metal Mess: Vanessa Hudgens

While Demi Lovato showed us how glitteringly gorgeous a silver gown can be, Vanessa Hudgens did the opposite. V skipped the VMA ceremony (as did Taylor Swift and Adam Levine), and instead chose to party at In Touch Weekly‘s 4th Annual Icons and Idols Party, but unfortunately, there’s nothing to idolize about this ill-fitting, odd-colored metallic frock and over-coiffed hair. Slinky sheath gowns are notoriously hard to pull off, and sad to say, it isn’t doing Vanessa’s figure any favors. What would you have draped dear Vanessa in?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Miss Stardoll World Has Returned...

Stardoll’s biggest contest Miss Stardoll World has returned for its second year and promises to be even bigger and even better than last year’s event! Unlike other pageants, Miss Stardoll World is not only a beauty contest; instead it's about you - inside and out - and the amazing Stardoll world you have created for yourself. Vote and be voted for, love yourself and show your love for others, be the best Stardoll and friend you can possibly be, and YOU could become Miss Stardoll World 2011!


  • Free Superstar membership for a whole year
  • iPod touch engraved with your name and MSW 2011 Winner
  • Instant Royalty status, 1000 Stardollars and 2000 Starcoins
  • Miss Stardoll World 2011 Winners Crown and Sash
  • Your very own Miss Stardoll World dress-up doll
  • Plus a wardrobe full of outfits and invitation to blog on Stardoll

    Free Superstar membership for six months • Instant Royalty status • 500 Stardollars • 1000 Starcoins • Crown and Sash

    Free Superstar membership for three months • Instant Royalty status • 300 Stardollars • 600 Starcoins • Crown and Sash


Anyone can enter Miss Stardoll World. In fact, just by being here you're already entered! Voting buttons have been placed in all suites of all Stardoll members, but you must have over 400 Starpoints to be able to see and use the voting buttons. And to get you started, here are some tips on how to get Miss Stardoll World votes...
  • Have a great style and a suite that rocks!
  • Have a good clean Stardoll account (no spam, warnings or bad behavior)
  • Have fun with friends! Leave comments, throw a party, add new friends, join a club!
  • Promote yourself! See the menu above.
  • Most importantly, have fun and share your love of Stardoll with everyone!


1st round of voting will end on 16 September.
  • Find someone awesome and click the “vote” button in their suite
  • Vote for anyone from any country
  • Vote for as many people as you like, but only once per person, per day
  • If you change your country settings you will not be eligible to win the contest


In total, 680 will go through to the MSW semi finals.
  • 20 from each country (only the top 30 voted countries)
  • 20 from each of continent (America, Europe, Africa & Asia) aka Continent Queens semis.
  • You can only vote for those in your own country (country semis) or continent (continent queens semis)
The following stage will be the Grand Finale...
As you all know, last year a Royalty Superstar named Perilice won Miss Stardoll World, thanks to a computer program Stardoll initiated. This program determined the most visited and highest rated Stardoll for a month. This year they're letting us choose. Finally! While its doubtful that a non-Superstar will win, I still have butterflies thinking about winning. I know I won't, but it doesn't hurt to dream! Thankfully for us, Stardoll felt some pity and released free items for us to help us in out MSW campaign.
They said "It's true that there will be only one Miss Stardoll World 2011, but you are all winners to us, fabulous and unique in your own special way. So here are a few gifts to get you into the Miss Stardoll mood. Just click on the button below to send these free items to your suite. Enjoy, sweethearts!" Deliver to my Suite Yes! Stardoll name is Fiorama. Just saying. You can visit...and vote. Haha! Just kidding. :)

Beyonce is Expecting

Finally the Beyonce pregnancy rumours are true!  She publicly announced and proudly showed off her baby bump last night at the MTV VMA's.  Congrats to her and Jay-Z!! 

RIP: Victoria Beckham’s Fashionable Footwear

Her Royal High-Heel Highness, Victoria Beckham, is hanging up her infamous stilettos—at least for now. Docs have advised Beckham’s better half to nix the stilettos while a disc in her back heels—er, heals. Can you picture our favorite style icon shuffling around Fashion Week in—gasp!—flip flops?! And more importantly, will It Girls everywhere follow her flat-footed lead?

OMFGorgeous: Demi Lovato

From the Jersey Shore girls to Katy Perry, silver was the color du jour at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards. But only Demi Lovato’s disco-ball inspired dress outshone her competition thanks to a perfect fit, flattering length, and bombshell hair. Tell me, is the “Skyscraper” singer reaching haute heights with this look?

Worn Out: Lady Gaga

Pete Wentz, is that you? ‘Fraid not, my dears. Lady Gaga stomped around the VMAs press room looking like an emo rocker/Grease extra in her latest oh-so-shocking look. Am I the only one getting a tired of her endless attempts to outdo herself? Wouldn’t you still love Gaga if she ditched the theatrics and just stuck to belting out her beautiful songs?

WTF Alert: Justin Bieber’s Very Odd VMAs

While Hurricane Irene blew through my marvelous Manhattan, it seems that another disaster was brewing in LA at the MTV Video Music Awards: Justin Bieber. Between the too-feminine hipster glasses, done-to-death colored denim, and pet snake, I’m going to mark this day down in my calendar as the day JB lost his mind. Do you think the Biebs’ VMA appearance was a little odd? Or was Justin and his slithery little pet ssssssssimply sssssesnsational?

Daily Drool: Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner may have packed on the manly muscle years ago to play Jacob Black, but if you ask me darlings, Tay truly went from boy to man at tonight’s VMAs. Take a look at this pic and tell me this isn’t the sexiest he’s ever looked…

Taylor Swift Ditches MTV to Shop

Looks like another celeb is totes over tonight’s VMAs. I spied Taylor Swift–usually an awards show regular–choosing to shop instead of strut the red carpet, despite being only a few blocks from the festivities. The country star browsed a local flea market where she ooo‘d and ahhh‘d over the retro furniture, perhaps hoping to furnish her new West Coast pad. With two big name stars already absent, are the VMAs terribly out of fashion?

Scene & Heard: Adam Levine’s Anti-VMA Rant

“The VMAs [are the] one day a year when MTV pretends to still care about music. I’m drawing a line in the sand. F–k you, VMAs.”–Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine didn’t mince words about tonight’s Video Music Awards, and I can’t say I totally disagree with him. Will you be tuning in to watch MTV’s love letter to themselves? Or is your calendar already fabulously full darlings?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

OMG Alert: Is Vanessa Turning into Zac?

While I’m not exactly in love with Vanessa Hudgens’ break-up bob, I do understand to wash–or cut–a man right out of your hair. Unless of course, that cut means you end up looking exactly like your ex. Take a peek at former lovebirdsand Baby V and tell me if this is just a tragic ex-mare…or is Vanessa hoping that if she looks enough like Z, he’ll think she’s a mirror and keep her around?

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words: Kate Hudson

When you’re in love, kissing your sweet prince is the most lovely, natural thing in the world and you want, nay, should share it with the world. But if you’re anyone else, PDA is gross enough to qualify as a felony. Case in point, Kate Hudson and baby daddy Matthew Bellamy, who played some tonsil hockey at a cafe in London. To the gentleman in the blue shirt…I couldn’t have said it better myself. XOXO.

Taylor Lautner’s Abduction Stunt Secrets

Taylor Lautner is taking you behind the scenes of his new thriller Abduction to share how he executed some of those deliciously dangerous stunts. Even if you don’t really care, doesn’t two-and-a-half minutes spent staring at Tay sound heavenly? I thought so…

Hot or Not: Victoria Justice

Darlings, as you might have noticed, I’ve been having trouble deciding whether or not Victoria Justice has been winning or sinning when it comes to fashion. For example, this snap of Vic in Manhattan. From the neck up, A+! But her casual outfit leaves me scratching my perfectly-coiffed head. Do you love her simple style? Or is her lack of pizazz making you freak the freak out?

Trevor’s Lonely Lunch

Spotted: 90210 hottie Trevor Donovan eating solo at a diner on Sunset boulevard. A few weeks ago I spied Cory Monteith dining sans company–could these sizzling small screen stars be starting a new trend? Or maybe it really is lonely at the top…

Paris Hilton Hits the Unemployment Line

Grab your hankies, dear readers, because Paris Hilton is out of a job. Her boring-yet-annoying reality show The World According to Paris has breathed it’s last bedazzled gasp. I hear that Oxygen pulled the plug on the series and says there’s no shot of renewing her unpopular show. Obviously, I have nothing against rich girls on TV, but didn’t you expect more dramz and less ditz from our favorite heiress?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sorry Serena, Brits Want a Blair

Think all gentlemen prefer blondes? Sorry my peroxided pretties, but a U.K. study found that a British man’s ideal girl has brown hair, blue eyes and isn’t stick skinny. Do you think American boys would choose a blonde like our Serena Van der Woodsen, or the beautifully brunette Blair Waldorf?

Drool or Not: Chace’s New ‘Do

Forget the hurricane or all that Libyan unpleasantness–the biggest news of the week is clearly Chace Crawford’s un-shaggy hair! Our favorite Manhattan man debuted some seriously shorn locks at last night’s U.S. Open Rock the Set party in Brooklyn…but is this new look a change for the better? Or does it seriously shake up your fantasy of running your fingers through his hair?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Worn Out: Selena’s Studded Shoes

Darlings, I’m not really suited for a life of monogamy, neither with boys nor when it comes to my footwear. Selena Gomez seems much more comfortable with the same-old-same, donning yet again the same studded suede booties she wore in Paris (twice) as she arrived for a radio appearance in Toronto. Would you like to see Bieber’s better half cheat on her favorite shoes? Don’t worry Sel, you know I can keep a secret…XOXO.

Simpsons Go Gaga

Lady Gaga is everywhere these days including on The Simpsons!  She will be playing herself in an episode of the cartoon next season and apparently goes to Springfield to help put Lisa is a better mood but not even Gaga can do that.  I wonder if she'll sing...

Hot or Not: Zac Efron’s Sideburns

Long before The Biebs, Zac Efron was the It Boy with shaggy hair, but ditched that style once he morphed from bright-eyed boy to well-muscled man…until today. The erstwhile High School Musical star sported some serious (penciled-in) sideburns on the set of his new movie Paperboy, but I for one am not loving this truck driver look…are you?

Daily Drool: Kellan Lutz

Want to slip into Kellan Lutz’s pants? Well now you can, darlings…kind of. The Twilight hottie was in Vegas doing his best Blue Steel to fete the launch of his new clothing line, Abbot + Main. Take a good long look at Kel’s outfit and tell me if Marc Jacobs should watch his back…or should celebs like Kel and Avril stick to their day jobs?

Hot Mess: Avril Lavigne

Another day, another woefully out-of-style outfit from Avril Lavigne, who turned up at Caesars in Vegas to celebrate her clothing line (of all things). It’s so easy to forget that underneath that atrocious pink eyeshadow and Hot Topic outfit, there’s a pretty girl with a great figure. Don’t you wish Avril would step out of 2004 once and for all and update her style? Or do you kind of love how she’s a walking fashion time capsule?

OMFG: Brenda Song & Trace Cyrus Having a Baby

Miley Cyrus is about to become an aunt. Brenda Song announced that she’s expecting a baby with Miley’s bro, the uber-tattooed boyfriend Trace Cyrus, who she’s been dating since May 2010. Congrats to the happy couple…and let’s just hope the tot takes after Brenda in the looks department…

Hot Mess: Shenae Grimes

Head-to-toe leather in the middle of a sweltering Southern California summer is a hot mess…and I mean that literally, my doves. 90210 star Shenae Grimes indulged in too much of a good thing at the Sunset Strip Music Festival with this cowhide catastrophe. Next time, pick one leather item and make it the focal point of your outfit…or risk getting mistaken for a couch in a frat house. You know you love me…XOXO.

Hot or Not: Scarlett Johansson

With autumn just around the corner Scarlett Johansson seems to be getting in touch with her inner jack-o-lantern a few weeks ahead of schedule at the Disney D23 Expo in Southern California. While I’m impressed with her squash-colored Roland Mouret dress, the orange-tinged hair, cheeks and lips are overkill, don’t you think? Or does this look make you anxious for falling leaves and fashion week?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Demi Lovato’s Coastal Concerts

Life in Manhattan isn’t always sunshine and sugar. But the Big Apple just tasted a little sweeter now that Demi Lovato has announced two new concerts in NYC. The “Skyscraper” singer will perform at Hammerstein Ballroom on September 17. But don’t cry, west coasters–she’ll make an appearance at Club Nokia in LA on September 23. Will you be the first in line for tickets? Or has Demi’s career bit the dust?

Victora Beckham Injured

Now we know the real reason why Victoria Beckham has barely left her house since the birth of little baby Harper. She hasn't been on some crazy post baby diet, but rather been suffering from a serious back injury!

According to reports, Victoria aggravated an old injury when she gave birth, resulting in a slipped disc. The reports about the seriousness of her condition are varying, but some are saying that she's in so much pain she can barely even hold little Harper! A spokesperson has now addressed the rumors, giving a short statement saying, “Victoria has a back condition. She is resting and receiving treatment.”

However serious it may be, we do hope she feels better soon!

Indie Night Out

Many styles fall under the indie umbrella, but as a general rule, indie fashion combines a mix of vintage gear with independent designer clothing and a touch of DIY. Achieving the right balance among these three elements is the key to putting together an adorable indie outfit. Scour thrift stores for the perfect one-of-a-kind items, hit up Etsy to support low-budget clothing designers, and make your own jewelry using online tutorials. And once you've got the hang of it, the look will come so naturally you'll be doling out fashion tips to all of your friends.

Gone Shopping

If you're out and about during the day running errands, the first thing to think about is your footwear. It's best to keep your tootsies comfortable, since you'll be standing on them all day, so Converse Chucks or lace-up oxfords are the way to go. Skinny jeans look rad with flat shoes and go with just about everything. On top, a striped, slim-fitting t-shirt and brightly colored cardigan totally work, since you can remove the sweater if you start to get too warm.

Friday Night Bites

Once the weekend arrives, you're going to want to kick it up a few notches and wear something that might not have been appropriate for a long day at work. Go casually cool in a slouchy tee and tiny fitted blazer. If it's warm enough, sport some high-waisted shorts and chunky wooden heel wedges. In cooler temps, try out a pair of boyfriend jeans, rolled at the ankles with those same wedges or a pair of suede, high-heeled ankle boots.

Arty Time

An afternoon at the museum calls for an outfit that's a step up from one you might wear while doing errands. A little ditsy floral mini skirt and racer-back tank top topped with a prep school crested jacket combine several quirky styles into one eclectic ensemble. Ooh baby, If it's cold outside, pull on a pair of black opaque hose. Comfy shoes are still in order, but a low heel won't be a pain in the foot, so boots with a lug sole like lace-up grannies are a fab option.

Party On

Just because you've been invited to a semi-formal event doesn't mean that you need to dial down your one-of-a-kind look and go with the ubiquitous satin frock and strappy shoes -- this is the perfect occasion to wear a vintage party dress. A simple shift with flashy rhinestone details in a delicious citrus hue is what party girls wore in the 1960s. The next decade saw the rise of disco, so follow seventies fan Rachel Zoe's lead and pick a drapy jersey number. If the 1980s is more your speed, a kooky, colorful tulle-skirted frock will do the trick.

Selena Wins Over Justin’s Mom

The way to a man’s heart isn’t through his stomach…it’s through his mother. Selena Gomez knows this all too well and charmed the pants off Justin Bieber’s mama, Patti, who recently tweeted that Sel and her BFF Taylor Swift are “great role models.” Do you think Mama Bieber is secretly hoping SL and her son will take a trip down the aisle?

Mark Salling’s Birdy Birthday

Whooooo celebrated their 29th birthday this weekend in Las Vegas? Why Glee hottie Mark Salling, of course. The on-screen bad boy partied at Marquee’s pool club and while you might expect him to request a motorcycle or McKinley high-themed bday cake, the hotel instead presented him with this treat that’s a shout out to his work with owl-conservation societies. Does this make you drool over MS even more? Or at 29, should he be celebrating in a more manly way?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fashion Faceoff: Mila vs. Mila

Mila Kunis is jetsetting around the UK promoting her new flick Friends With Benefits, and clearly, her on-the-go color of choice is navy blue. But not all navy is created equal, darlings. Peep Mila’s pretty polka dot Oscar de la Renta dress and tell me if you like her sweet and swingy look better than the minidress she switched into later in the day?

Scene & Heard: Ashley Greene Spills on Breaking Dawn's Wedding

“It’s magical. That’s the only way I’ve been able to describe it. It’s magical and beautiful.”–Ashley Greene can’t keep coy about Breaking Dawn’s supernatural nuptials. Do you think Ash is biased or will Edward and Bella’s walk down the will be every bit the undead dream you’ve been imagining?

Jack Layton Loses His Battle

It was very sad to hear about NDP leader Jack Layton's passing this morning at the young age of 61.  He lost his battle with cancer and will be remembered as one of the most charismatic Canadian politicians.

Kim's $20 Million Wedding

Kim Kardashian is getting married this weekend in an elaborate $20 million ceremony.  A bit of last minute drama for the bride though, yesterday the fire marshall told Kim that she had invited too many people for the space she’s using so she had to uninvite 50 guests last minute.  Then Ellen DeGeneres tweeted yesterday that she hadn’t got an invite yet and how it was the worst thing in the world- so Kim invited her and now the 50 people that got uninvited are pissed because Ellen is allowed to go but they weren’t…wow.  Well maybe the 50 guests that are pissed will get an invite to the divorce party in a few months instead. 

Hollywood Rule No.1: Don't Trust Paris Hilton

Congrats to 89 year old Golden Girl Betty White, who has been named Hollywood's most trusted celeb!  Denzel Washington was #2 and Sandra Bullock rounds out the top 3. 

The most hated celeb was Paris Hilton with 60% of the votes, Charlie Sheen was #2 and Arnold Schwarzenegger was 3rd. 

See the full lists HERE

Breaking Dawn Teaser

T-minus 3 months till Breaking Dawn Part 1 hits theatre's and Twilight fans got another little teaser to excite them even more about November 18th.

Lady Gaga is Joe Calderone

Beyonce has Sacha Fierce and Lady Gaga has Joe Calderone.  It's her alter-ego who's a Sicilian auto mechanic, she says he's a muscle car finatic and has dreams of owning his own car shop one day.  Okay...whatever makes you tick Gaga.

No Baby Bieber's

It may be a lot of girls dreams to marry the Beebs and have a baby Bieber one day but it ain't happening anytime soon thanks to NuVo Condoms.  The company just sent the Beebs a year supply of condoms with a card that said "stay baby free!".  Isn't he still a baby?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vintage OMFGorgeous: Marilyn Monroe

Even in a place as oh-so-wholesome and down-to-earth as the Upper East Side, natural beauty can be hard to find. So today darlings, I bring you a never-before-seen pic of the one and only Marilyn Monroe, who reminds us that sometimes, you need nothing more than a smile, sand, and a little french terrycloth to be effortlessly glamorous. Which of today’s starlets do you think could recapture the laid back loveliness in Marilyn’s snapshot? For more uber-exclusive pics of MM, click here…XOXO.

Miley & Liam = Wet & Wild

Not all A-listers need 5-star hotels and $11 million yachts to unwind. Miley Cyrus and her Aussie beau Liam Hemsworth kicked back at Lake Orchard, Michigan with a little splish splashy fun on a jet ski. Tres adorable…but judging by this pic I guess we know who’s in the drivers seat in this relationship…

Scene & Heard: Victoria Justice

“An artist that I have on my iPod that would surprise my fans would have to be Barry Manilow. Well… at least my older fans! By older I mean in their 40′s and or 50′s. I doubt any of my younger fans are ‘Fanilows.’ Nothing better than listening to some Barry on a rainy day, love it.”–Victoria Justice admits to the secrets of her iPod. Doesn’t Vic have a birthday coming up? Maybe we can all pitch in for an early AARP membership and life alert bracelet!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words: Rihanna

If you ever wondered where Rihanna got her outlandish fashion sense, look no further than her humble home country of Barbados. The popstar jetted back to her Caribbean isle for the Kadoomant Day parade which apparently celebrates the invention of the bedazzler and/or Barbados’ great showgirl/bellydancer treaty of 1975. Tell me my darlings, should RiRi bring this style back to the states?