Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Stardoll Trend: Leaving Dollywood

There's a new trend in Dollywood that doesn't bode well for the Stardoll staff. Recently we have seen the elite Stardoll members leaving. They all have different reasons but the most common is that they are simply too old to be playing an online game originally designed for 10-year olds. This steady stream of Stardoll Royalty who are leaving are also leaving their blogs. Already two writers from the popular blog MDM have left and other blogs are following suit. Hopefully the younger Stardoll members don't get the wrong message about Stardoll. One of the most memorable last posts I have read from a Stardoll who decided to leave went like this "I realized I was a 15-year old spending real money and time on a site designed for children 5 years younger..." Another post that comes to mind is "One day I woke up and realized I didnt want to log on...I used to be addicted to it, and now I don't even feel the slightest urge to check it out and see what's new..."

I hope you don't follow this trend because I would hate to see more avid Stardolls leaving.

Scene & Heard: Taylor Swift on Joe Jonas’ Breakup-Inspired Album

“There is one.. two…three [songs about me on his album]. It’s all good fun though. It’s music going back and forth. It’s fueled by heartbreak and real stories and real things. That’s what keeps music authentic.”Taylor Swift doesn’t seem to mind that several tunes on Joe Jonas’ album (including, she suspects, “See No More”) are about their fizzled romance. Do you believe this uber-mature sentiment from T.Swizzle? Or will revenge be a dish best served on her next album?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Scene & Heard: Lucas Till’s X-Citement

It was the best time of my life. I was in a foreign country, getting paid to do a superhero movie. It was probably the coolest job I’ll ever have.” –Lucas Till gushed about his role in X-Men: First Class. But c’mon Luc, can mutants really compare to a kiss with Taylor Swift?

Mary-Kate Olsen + Toms Shoes = Fashion Heaven?

I admit, my couture-laden closet isn’t home to many pairs of Toms espadrilles–but how could I resist scooping up the new cashmere and wool Toms, designed by none other than Mary-Kate Olsen? For each pair of Toms sold, the ethical shoe company donates a pair of kicks to a child in need, and MK recently visited Honduras to help fit the footies on some impoverished children in person. Isn’t it nice to see an Olsen twin holding something besides a giant Birkin bag and a venti latte?

OMFGorgeous: Jordin Sparks

The waif look? Le snooze, darlings. Curvy cuties like Kim K. and Rihanna are leading the charge against jutting ribs and razor-sharp collarbones, and I’m loving the way Jordin Sparks’ super sophisto floral frock perfectly accentuates her ample assets. Don’t you think the American Idol alum looked picture perfect on stage at the Today show?

Is David Beckham already tired of Harper?

Little Harper Seven isn't even a month old yet, but the Beckham's say they want another baby!  David said "We'd love one more, we've always said we'd love a big family and five was a number.  If we're lucky enough, then we hope to have one more."  Apparenly Victoria isn't sure about another one (I mean she did JUST have a baby, I get it) and David joked that if she didn't want to have one, then he'd be having his 5th with another women.  Um if thats not a joke David then I'm totally in!

Hot or Not: Pete Wentz’s New Leading Lady

If you’re still weeping into your Hot Topic pillow case over the breakup of Fall Out Boy, dry those emo tears darlings because Pete Wentz is back with a new musical endeavor, Black Cards. Take a look at his new lead singer, Bebe Rexha, who turned up with PW at the Lucky Strike/Puma party in NYC. Now would you rather watch stomp around on stage: Bebe or Patrick Stump? I hear B has a killer voice…but the verdict’s still out on her style, no?

Fashion Faceoff: Blake Lively vs Taylor Swift

Blake Lively and Taylor Swift were both belles in this blue Tibi dress, but did one starlet top the other? I’m swooning over Tay’s gold belt and breezy flats, while Blake’s Charlotte Olympia leopard heels–though fierce–may be a little too vampy for such a flirty, feminine dress. Do you agree my little fashionistas? Or has Blake once again out-styled the competition?

How To Get Voluminous Curls

Big, sexy, lush curls are just what you need to take your evening look to the next level. No run-of-the-mill hairstyle will do. It's time for something different; it's time for something glamorous. You can just imagine it: long, soft ringlets framing your face, cascading down your back. To create a red-carpet look for your night out, invest in a set of hot rollers. Hot rollers glam up your hair in a fraction of the time that it would take to meticulously curl every strand. If you want to be sexy and glamorous, start rolling that hair!

Blast your clean, dry hair with a liberal amount of thermal styling spray. Pay special attention to the roots and hold the hair straight out from the scalp while spraying to increase volume and glam.

Plug in the hot rollers. While you're waiting for them to heat, get dressed or put on your makeup. Fluff up your hair with your fingers to help dry the styling spray. Your hair must dry completely before you attempt to roll it.

Remove nasty snarls and tangles by combing through your hair with the comb. Carve out a section of hair with the teeth of the comb measuring about 1 inch by 2 inches. Comb the section straight out from the head.

Place the roller underneath the section of hair, close to the ends of the hair. Slide the roller down to the ends of the hair, tuck the ends around the roller, and roll the roller under until it is snug against the scalp. Slide a pin or clip, included in the hot roller kit, around the roller to hold it in place.

Continue carving out sections and rolling hair until you roll all of the hair. Roll the rollers horizontally for full, fluffy curls or vertically for large spiral curls.

Spray your rolled hair with finishing spray. Wait around 10 to 15 minutes for the rollers to cool. Remove the rollers. Finger style your hair and then spray it with finishing spray.

Leighton Meester Says She Can’t Go Back!

Leighton Meester has changed, and you can hear it in her voice. She says she’s reached “a turning point.” She’s even found four guys who “understand her girlie insides” (lucky girl, L). And she’s about to give you a glimpse of who she really, truly is. Ready, Leighton fans? You’ll be blown away when you hear her sing in her 1st summer sessions video. Like HTC USA to listen and tell me what you think HERE.

Justin Bieber Coming to the Vampire Diaries?

Yes, my little minions, you read that right. I hear Nina Dobrev said that Justin Bieber was itching to guest star on The Vampire Diaries, but the show’s producers quickly nixed the idea, saying that they’re not interested in “casting a star.” Can you picture The Biebs and his signature swagger in Mystic Falls? As a vamp, werewolf, or mortal victim? You tell me.

Scene & Heard: Hot Chelle Rae’s Name Game

“There was a girl on Myspace whose profile name was ‘Chelle Rae’ and her pictures were hot, but she was stealing a model’s pictures and putting them on her profile. Well, for all we know it could have been a man! But we decided to name our band after her.” –The boys of Hot Chelle Rae explain their unusual band name. I suppose we should be thankful that the boys weren’t trolling Facebook…the last thing this world needs is a band named “Chelle Rae Has Poked You.”

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Selena Gomez Wants You to Dream Out Loud

Selena Gomez isn’t content to occupy space on your DVR and iPod–she wants inside your closet! The Bieber’s better half has a new commercial out for her clothing line “Dream Out Loud.” Are you feeling her fashion fantasy? Take a peek and tell me what you think…

Daily Drool: Ian’s Green Streak

What’s sexier than Ian Somerhalder? Ian Somerhalder helping the environment, of course. Our favorite vamp was spotted recycling at the airport in Washington DC, where he was on hand to testify at a Senate hearing on saving leatherback sea turtles. Swoon! As much as I covet Ian, I’m more than happy to share him with Mother Nature, aren’t you?

Was Marc too much for JLo?

Okay ready for the craziest post JLo and Marc Anthony break up rumour?  A "source" is saying that the two had big problems in the bedroom which led to the split, and that the BIG problem was that Marc Anthony was too much for JLo to handle in bed!  Let me guess the "source" behind this rumour.

Fashion Don’t: Jessica Szohr

Easy breezy summer dresses have been all over Hollywood this season. And, in a selfless act of public service, Jessica Szohr recently demonstrated how not to wear this warm-weather style. J’s shapeless DKNY maxi looks more like a magic eye picture than a party dress–saved only by the fact that she’s beautiful enough to distract your eyes from her distracting frock. Don’t try this at home, darlings–unless you’re as hot as Jess.
Photo credit: Johns PKI / Splash News

Instead, take a cue from Kourtney Kardashian at the lia sophia industrielle II collection launch in LA. KK wisely belted her Robert Rodriguez gown to avoid getting lost in her frock’s baggy fit and busy pattern.

Photo credit: Joe Scarnici
How would you have dressed up JS’s potentially-gorgeous gown?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Free Painting

Log in and Enter contest by visiting this link:
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Free Ramadan Necklace

Log in stardoll, Enter the contest by visiting this link:
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Jennifer Lopez is holding out for the Money

So it's the "will she, won't she" game again with J-Lo and American Idol.  She's in talks to return to the show but the rumours are that she's holding out for the BIG bucks.  Last season she made $12 million, the tabloids are claiming that she'd like $40 million for this season...

Hot or Not: Mila’s Ballerina Chic

Looks like someone can’t let go of her Black Swan days. Mila Kunis turned up to the Russian premiere of Friends With Benefits in a ballet-inspired Elie Saab gown. She certainly looks stunning alongside Justin Timberlake, but I’d have suggested a flirty frock worthy of her super sexy movie.

Blake’s Boho Bounce

Spotted: The lovely Blake Lively bounding around the set of her new movie Savages covered in faux tattoos and a “vintage” looking outfit that strikes me as…less than sanitary. But perhaps my fashionable eye needs to adjust to the light beyond the sleek and chic Upper East Side. Do you think Blake looks better in this boho garb or as her usual ultra-glam self?

Fashion Faceoff: Kellan vs. Katie

Darlings, it isn’t often that a leading lady squares off against one of our favorite hunks, but Katie Cassidy and Kellan Lutz both looked so stunning at last night’s DKNY Sunglasses soiree in NYC, that I just had to show them off side by side. Both stars eschewed summer brights for gray garments, but which one draws your eye more: Kel or Katie?

James Franco has a Twilight Fetish

So guess who really wanted a role in Breaking Dawn part 1 and 2?  James Franco! Apparently he loved the books and wanted to be a part of the final two movies but director Bill Condon couldn't find him a role so it didn't happen.  Franco in Twilight would bring my obsession with both to a whole new level.

Hot or Not: Nicky and Ashlee’s Best Friend Fashion

Preppy and proper Ashley Tisdale and boho babe Vanessa Hudgens might be BFFs, but their sartorial sense couldn’t be more different. Not true for new pals Ashlee Simpson and Nicky Hilton, who donned cutely coordinating outfits for a night out at the Chateau Marmont in LA. The girls’ looks compliment one another without getting too matchy-matchy. Do you think Nicky’s style has influenced Ash, or is it the other way around?

Joe Jonas Gets Mouthy in Paris

Spotted: Joe Jonas having a tres intimate encounter on a subway platform in Paris. But don’t go ripping your JoBro posters off you wall just yet. JB was just kissing for the cameras as he filmed his latest video, “Just in Love With You.” I’m sure the song is playlist-worthy, but this staged kiss doesn’t exactly give off sparks of chemistry. Which starlet would you have cast opposite Joe?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kristin Cavallari Emerges Post-Breakup

After reportedly “getting dumped” by fiance Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari ventured out of her house to prove she doesn’t need a rock on her finger to enjoy a sunny summer day. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but who needs Jay’s babbles when KC has man’s best friend–her adorbs puppy–by her side. I hear that Kristin’s ex-BF was uber-controlling and got sick of her constant partying. Tell me darlings, do you think The Hills hottie is better off single?

Ricky & Nicki’s Charitable Makeover

If you’ve ever woken up, blinked at your reflection in your gold-leafed mirror and sighed, “If only I looked more like Ricky Martin!” then today is your lucky day, darlings. Mr. La Vida Loca himself has signed on, along with Nicki Minaj, to be the new face of the MAC cosmetics Viva Glam line, which benefits AIDS research. Miz Minaj will debut a cotton-candy pink lipstick in November while Ricky’s signature product will be…? Bronzer? Speedos? An automatic bon-bon shaker? Not sure just yet, but feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments. XOXO

How To Prevent Hacking


1. NEVER give anyone your password. No matter what they offer or promise you, no matter how much they swear they won't hack you, do not trust anyone who asks you for your password! This goes for people you consider friends as well, some hackers on Stardoll go to great lengths to establish a friendship with you and gain your trust. You don't have to be paranoid, just use your judgment!

2. I know a lot of you gets beyond euphoria when you get offered an interview or a feature on a magazine. That's fine... and congratulations to you...

But be very suspicious if someone starts asking you random personal questions like "What's your mother's maiden name?" or "What was the name of your first pet?" because they are trying to get your Security Question out of you so that they can gain access to your email account through the "Forgot Your Password?" feature.

3. Be careful what you click on! Don't go to unfamiliar links sent to you by random people, they could be leading you to a keylogger virus that gives them access to everything you have typed over a period of time, including your passwords. 

Try not to run competitions that require you to click on links, have tasks in Albums or Sceneries instead of having people print screen and upload to

4. Use a Virtual Keyboard to type in your passwords, not just on Stardoll but in general, especially when paying for things with a credit card online. Most operating systems have a virtual keyboard built-in, and you can also download a free one online.

Click on Start -> Go to All Programs -> Click on Accessories -> Select Accessibility or Ease of Access ->Click on On-Screen Keyboard

CLICK HERE for instructions on how to access your virtual keyboard on a Mac.

5. Beware of proxies! I know using a proxy is popular now to gain access to items that Stardoll gives away in other countries, but it exposes your personal information to third parties and can make you vulnerable to phishing and viruses.

6. No matter how little (if there's any) help they can offer, you can always contact the Stardoll Staff through this link in case you managed to do everything that was mentioned above... by mistake. :)

Go to Help -> Rules & Safety -> POPULAR ARTICLES: Help! I have been hacked... -> Contact Customer Service

Please do put this up on your blogs.

Let's take care of each other and fight this thing ourselves!

August Hot Buys

Stardoll unveiled their August Hotbuys, and I personally love them. My favourite is the skirt, but the shoes, pink dress, and purse are fierce! Its very inspired. I'm not so sure about the mask/headpiece though...                                                       

H&M Skirt    

Topshop Shoes

Topshop Bag

Anna Sui Fur Stole
(Runway Fashion 2011)

Armani PrivĂ© Jacket

Topshop Earrings
Anna Sui Animal Hat

Stardoll Scandal: OriginalClub

So a little birdy told me that OriginalClub, considered Stardoll's very first club, is having a huge scandal right about now.

What I have been told is that pretty much something happened or someone did something to someone, I don't really know since I hardly use clubs like OriginalClub or FashionClub. BUT, the rumor is that a girl took screen shots of SOMETHING, I don't know what, but showed it to her parents and they took it too the police which lead them also contact Stardoll about the shenanigans.

Though I think the rumors are bogus, but I actually see it. I mean really, we hardly ever see Stardoll shut down clubs, but wait, they didn't close it down, they are 'investigating' it. Hmm.. Something just isn't right with this picture.

(click to enlarge)
And with that being said, I go around 'investigating' for myself to see if I can see what went down for Stardoll to 'possibly' have a chance at getting into another issue.

So first I look around for OriginalClub. And so I see Stardoll in fact STILL has OC running, BUT it is unavailable until further notice.

(I hope I spelled Original right..)
And then so, after I see that, then I see this on the side of the main 'Clubs' page on Stardoll.

A brand new OC with the exact same name, apparently, the members are just so dedicated to it and pissed by Stardoll, they decide to not wait for Stardoll to reopen the club and create their own!

So then after seeing this club, I wanted to see how fast the news about OC spread and if I could find out what happened, so I go to the next frequent and equally insane club, FashionClub, and I just gaze around discussion to see if they will talk about it, and this one caught my eye first.

(click to enlarge)
At first I thought it was a mere troll hating on younger members, but then I notice that intriguing comment below hers. And here a more comments I found further explaining the situation.

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

So.. pretty much, what I can see is that... (re-writing the story I told earlier) rumor has it that an 11 year old user on Stardoll called..
Is a frequent user of Tinychat and links people of Stardoll to her Tinychat shows of her, and one time when she was on webcam, she proceeded to strip off all of her clothes and somebody apparently called the police on her little show and someone took screenshots apparently as well. And so Stardoll and the parents of this 11 year old are being looked at for this.

The situation itself is completely outrageous if you ask me. But eh, I am speechless for once about something other than explaining it, haha.

So what do YOU guys think about all of this?

P.S. (Photo of another discussion about the girl in question)
(click to enlarge)

7 Eco-Friendly Makeup Choices

Perfect your complexion while blocking harmful UV rays with Coola Mineral Face SPF 30 Matte Finish Cucumber Natural Mineral Sunblock, $40, made with natural filters (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide), certified organic shea butter and cucumber extract. Its lightly whipped texture absorbs easily without leaving an oily residue, so your skin feels fresh even on muggy summer days. Visit for stores.

Made with 96% plant ingredients, Live Clean Exotic Shine Bali Oil Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner, $7 each, are biodegradable, making them ideal for the cottage. The formulas are infused with natural essential oils, including palm oil, rich in beta-carotene to strengthen and nourish damaged hair. At select drugstores across Canada.  

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Revive dull hair the natural way with Klorane Brillance Intense Leave-In Spray, $13. The magnolia wax leaves your hair soft and shiny while deflecting UV rays and environmental toxins. Use it on damp hair before blow-drying, or on your finished style to add some extra sparkle. At drugstores across Canada. 

Can’t get enough vanilla? Find a twist on the classic note with Lavanila Fragrances, from $39, which pair it with other scents, such as refreshing grapefruit. The 100% natural formulas are made with active botanicals that not only smell delicious, but also contain antioxidants to nourish the skin. At Sephora stores. 

Davines Authentic Moisturising Balm, $26, is the ultimate all-natural multitasker. Its combination of 100% organic essential oils will smooth rough skin, quench thirsty hair and even remove makeup. We also love its uplifting floral scent. At select salons across Canada. 

The antibacterial properties of tea tree oil—Mother Nature’s pimple fighter—in Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Stick, $12, help tame the occasional breakout. The gel goes on clear and contains vitamin E to moisturize and prevent over-drying, so your concealer can do its job. At Loblaws across Canada.